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Earn Bitcoin on your next prescription refill

Refill Prescriptions. Save Money. Earn Bitcoin.

Available at more than 35,000 Pharmacies nationwide


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How It Works


Transparent drug pricing

Easily search for your medication, compare prices, and unlock the best deals at pharmacies near you.


Show card to Pharmacist

Simply show your NiHowdy savings card to your Pharmacist at one of our in-network Pharmacies of your choice


Save and earn Bitcoin

Secure unbeatable deals on medications and earn valuable Bitcoin rewards with every purchase.

Prescription Savings Card

Simply show this FREE prescription savings card at your Pharmacy to get instant discount on your medications.

Accepted at approx. 35,000 pharmacies nationwide!


For more information, to report issues, and to find participating pharmacies near you, visit or call (800)999-3053

Member Instructions

1. Present card to pharmacist.

2. Ask for discount on each prescription and save up to $95!

3. Sign up on for free earnings.

Pharmacist Instructions

This card gives holder discounts through BIN,PCN, Group on the front. If you need assistance call (877)800-7820

The NiHowdy Program Prices, covered drugs, and pharmacies are subject to change. By using this card, you agree to the terms & privacy policy found at Administered by Glic Health LLC, One Marina Park Drive, Ste 1410 Boston MA 02210 - (844)944-4542

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Instant Savings
& Earn Bitcoin

Get instant savings at your Pharmacy while earning up to 3% Bitcoin on every Prescription Refill.

Rewards That Appreciate In Value

Earning Bitcoin as a reward is not only a great way to save on medication purchases, but it also has the potential for significant value appreciation. This could offset the cost of your medication, cover bills, or even allow you to make exciting purchases you’ve been eyeing.

Enter Bitcoin amount to see how much it is worth today

Today's Value

Bitcoin1 Bitcoin = $NaN

Bitcoin (BTC)



Adjust Bitcoin’s potential value to see how much it could be worth

Potential Value

Bitcoin1 Bitcoin =

Bitcoin (BTC)




Bitcoin Value Evolution

See how much you could’ve made by earning Bitcoin instead of getting cash back from the past!

If you received Bitcoin instead of...


USD [Cash rebate value]



Today, you would have...



Initial value of cash rebate to Bitcoin




Frequently Asked Questions

How does NiHowdy work?
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NiHowdy is a prescription savings card that enables users to save up to $95 on their prescriptions. Alongside these substantial savings, the card also provides the added benefit of free Bitcoin rewards as a token of appreciation for utilizing the card.

How can I obtain NiHowdy's Prescription Savings Card?
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Obtaining the prescription savings card is a straightforward process that involves signing up on our website. It is completely free and only requires providing basic personal information when withdrawing Bitcoin to an external wallet.

Can I use this prescription savings card for both generic and brand-name medications?
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Yes, the prescription savings card can generally be used for both generic and brand-name medications. It covers a wide range of prescription drugs.

Are there any fees associated with using the prescription savings card?
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Becoming a member of NiHowdy is completely free. We do not charge any fees for our membership.

Can I combine NiHowdy's free Bitcoin back with other discounts or insurance benefits?
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NiHowdy can not be used in conjunction with insurance plans or Medicare/Medicaid benefits. It is designed to be a standalone option for prescriptoin savings.

For more details, kindly refer to the additional FAQ section

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