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Program Description
This Program Description is a part of the NiHowdy Terms of Use and must be read together with them. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined in this Program Description have the respective meanings set forth in such Terms of Use.
By using the NiHowdy Program (the NiHowdy Program), including our discount card (the NiHowdy Card) or our mobile app (the NiHowdy App), you are accepting our Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policy, and agree to be bound by each. If you have any questions about our NiHowdy Program, would like a list of participating pharmacies, or a list of the prescription drugs covered by our NiHowdy Program please contact us at:
NiHowdy Tech, Inc.
440 N Barranca Avenue
Covina, CA 91723
Description of the NiHowdy Program:
A really important notice about what we are NOT (and what we are)…
Let’s start with what the NiHowdy Program is not.
It is NOT insurance of any kind and it is NOT a substitute for insurance.
The NiHowdy Card is not an insurance card, a health insurance policy or a substitute for health insurance.
The NiHowdy App is not an insurance app or card, a health insurance policy or a substitute for health insurance.
We do not provide medical, dental or other professional services or advice of any nature whatsoever. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem or condition, please contact a qualified ‎health care professional immediately.‎ Always seek the advice of your physician or ‎other qualified health professionals or providers with any questions you may have regarding a ‎medical condition or medicine. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it ‎because of the NiHowdy Program.
So, what is the NiHowdy Prescription Program? How does it work? What do I need to know about pricing?
- As we state right at the top of this description, the NiHowdy Card and the NiHowdy App provide you the potential for discounts on prescription drugs and related products from participating pharmacies, much like a coupon you would clip out of a newspaper or print out from online. That's it. Nothing more. As we said earlier in this description, we don’t provide medical, dental, or other professional advice or services. We are not health insurance and don’t offer health insurance. We don’t pay your medical expenses and we don’t pay for your prescriptions.
- We cannot guaranty that any such discounts will provide the lowest price available to you and there is a wide range discounts that vary depending on the prescription drug or other product and the participating pharmacy.
- You are required to pay for all prescription drugs at the time of purchase.
- We do not pay the pharmacy or your doctor or make any other payments to your health care providers.
- Discounts through the NiHowdy Program are only available at participating pharmacies.
- In order to be eligible for a discount at one of such pharmacies, you must present the NiHowdy App or the NiHowdy Card in connection with each prescription.
- When you use the NiHowdy Program, the price you pay will be the lesser of the pharmacy’s “usual and customary” price (e.g., the retail price) or our discounted price. What that means is that if the pharmacy’s pricing is better than our discounted price, there is no discount via the NiHowdy Program.
- You should be aware that there may be other programs that offer you better pricing than the NiHowdy Program (such as your health insurance carrier (if you have one), other programs similar to NiHowdy, etc.). We do not guaranty that our prices are the lowest available at any pharmacy.
- The NiHowdy Program could terminate or change at any time without notice to you. As there is no cost for you to use the NiHowdy Program, you will not be entitled to any refund or other consideration if it does.
- Be advised that all of our prices (and related discounts) are subject to change (and often do!) without notice.
- You are responsible for any computer or mobile device through which you access the NiHowdy Program and as well as any internet, cable or mobile phone service that provides you connectivity or related services, as well as all costs and expenses associated with them.
- Through our app, we use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure we provide you with up to date data, but we can’t guarantee the accuracy of any data provided in the NiHowdy App or on our website at any given time. You must call your pharmacy to confirm the most up to date information before purchasing any prescription to ensure you have the most up to date information.
- We cannot guarantee that discounts on our website and the NiHowdy App will be below a pharmacy’s usual and customary pricing for drugs or that they will be more favorable than other discounting programs available to you.
- If you do NOT have health insurance, you can use the NiHowdy Program for any brand name or generic prescriptions you or a household member pays for out-of-pocket unless other restrictions apply.
- The NiHowdy Program cannot be used with other prescription drug discount cards or for prescriptions paid through a health plan or pharmacy benefit plan.
- If you have health insurance or any other funded benefit such as Medicaid and Medicare, you can use the NiHowdy Program for certain prescriptions that are not covered by your plan or whether our prices are lower than your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, BUT if you use our program, your purchases will not count towards any deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums.
- If you have questions about the use of the NiHowdy Program with your health insurance, you should contact your health insurer.
The NiHowdy Card and the NiHowdy App
In some cases, you may receive, print or download our NiHowdy Card without registering with us or creating an account. You may also have received an NiHowdy Card from a third-party marketing organization, with or without having provided that third-party with your name or other identifying information. If you request to have a card emailed, texted, or mailed to your personal device or home address, you will be required to provide us with your name, email address, home address, and/or telephone number. The information that you provide will be used as set forth in our Privacy Policy. Using the NiHowdy Program via the NiHowdy App requires the download of the NiHowdy App from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Download of the NiHowdy App is subject to our Terms and Conditions.
An important notice about your health information when you use the NiHowdy Program:
When you use the NiHowdy Program, including the NiHowdy Card and/or the NiHowdy App, information about your prescriptions that you purchase will be collected from our participating pharmacies. This information may include your name or the name of the person who was prescribed the drug, date of birth, address and zip code, prescribing doctor and other prescription information, among other similar information.
Our uses, handling, and sharing of your information, including any health information, are detailed in our Privacy Policy.
As noted elsewhere in our Terms and Conditions., we may add to, update, delete from or modify the NiHowdy Program at any time in our sole discretion. We reserve the right, at any time and from time to time, for any reason, to change the NiHowdy Program as described herein. We may post or display notices of changes to the NiHowdy Program on the Web site or otherwise through our Services or may notify you of such changes. Once posted, these changes to the NiHowdy Program become effective immediately. If any change that we make is not acceptable to you, promptly stop using the Services. Any use by you of the Services after any changes to the NiHowdy Program become effective will signify your agreement to those changes. You should check back regularly and review this Program Description so that you are aware of the most current rights and obligations that apply to your agreement with us.
Your participation in the NiHowdy Program constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Use, including or disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability with respect to your participation in the NiHowdy Program.
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