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Bitcoin solves prescription costs

We greatly appreciate your interest in participating in NiHowdy's seed round fundraising initiative! Our goal is to revolutionize out-of-pocket prescription expenses using Bitcoin. Kindly provide your information below to access some fascinating data. Additionally, we'll send you our comprehensive slide deck via email!

NiHowdy is innovating a $500B market with Bitcoin.

  • The anticipated annual growth rate for prescription drug expenditure in the U.S. stands at 5.7%. (Source: CMS. Growth projection is for years 2020 through 2028)

  • No company or entity directly offers drug rebates to out-of-pocket customers. Furthermore, we assist customers in saving money upfront from retail pricing.

  • Escalating copays and deductibles diminish the attractiveness of insurance benefits, rendering NiHowdy's services more appealing for users.

Industry Metrics:

Share of adults that say the cost of prescription drugs is unreasonable or that affording prescription drugs is very or somewhat easy


Average new visitors per month in 2024


Prescriptions refilled again via NiHowdy


Total Patient Savings to date


Bitcoin rebates reduced drug expenses

10% (thus far)

Strategic Initiatives for 2024

Q2 - Meowdy Pet Prescription Service

  • Redefine veterinary care with convenient, online access to essential medications for pets.

Q3 Introduction: B2B Portal & Program

  • Revolutionize how businesses access our services.
  • Foster operational efficiency and new partnerships.

Q4 Partner with/Establish a Mail-Order Pharmacy

  • Make healthcare more direct, affordable, and widespread.
  • Significant leap forward in our commitment to customer and pet healthcare.

Overall Goals:

  • Enhance market presence.
  • Drive growth.
  • Improve the lives of clients and their pets.

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Media and Press

Startup NiHowdy Launches Revolutionary Platform to Save on Prescription Drugs and Earn Bitcoin


Meet the team

Amar Lunagaria

Amar Lunagaria


Amar Lunagaria is a seasoned pharmacist renowned for his adept management of multiple pharmacies throughout Southern California. With a focus on infectious diseases, substance abuse, and mental health, he brings invaluable expertise to the forefront of healthcare provision in the region. Through his strategic leadership and specialized knowledge, Amar has significantly contributed to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of pharmacy practice in diverse communities.

James Wong

James Wong


James is a dedicated Pharmacist with a rich background in owning and managing community pharmacies in California's Bay Area. Specializing in psychiatry, he brings expertise in mental health care to his practice. Additionally, James has successfully revitalized a large assisted living organization spanning over 300 beds in the Central Valley, demonstrating his adeptness in healthcare administration and management. Committed to giving back, he advocates for regular blood donation, emphasizing its life-saving potential and health benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular incidents and cancer.

Bonnie Cheng

Bonnie Cheng

Design Advisor

Bonnie brings a diverse portfolio of experience, having navigated the user experience design landscapes of both large tech companies and agile startups. She champions the design process at NiHowdy, recognizing its pivotal role in driving business success. Her passion lies in navigating the nuances of ambiguity, where she thrives in crafting data-informed, innovative solutions through continuous learning and exploration.

Nathan Morgan

Nathan Morgan

Marketing Advisor

Nathan is a visionary marketing executive with a proven track record of driving growth and innovation in startups and established businesses alike. With extensive experience across diverse industries and markets, he specializes in crafting transformative digital marketing strategies, leading cross-functional teams to excellence, and leveraging data-driven insights for strategic decision-making. His leadership ethos centers on empowering teams, fostering collaborative environments, and delivering exceptional results that drive business success and market leadership.

Susana Craig

Susana Craig

Startup Advisor

Susana boasts a distinguished three-decade career in tech, with notable roles at Apple, IBM, and Autodesk. A champion of Latinx startups and women-led innovations in Femtech, she's achieved successful exits, including an IPO, and advises med-tech companies like Heailom, NiHowdy, and TuTerapia, driven by her passion for equitable healthcare access.

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