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Private Label FAQs - 2023
What is the NiHowdy prescription discount program?
The NiHowdy Prescription Discount Program is a complimentary initiative designed to empower individuals across the nation to secure the most affordable prices on prescriptions. Leveraging the NiHowdy discount card, users can access unparalleled savings at nearly 35,000 pharmacies nationwide.
At NiHowdy, we steadfastly uphold the principle that everyone deserves the lowest prices for their medications, irrespective of their insurance or Medicare status. With our program, users can experience savings up to $95 on prescriptions. The extent of the prescription discounts under this scheme fluctuates based on the specific medication and the pharmacy where it is purchased.
But the benefits of NiHowdy don't stop at savings. We're taking it a step further. We're giving you the opportunity to earn Bitcoin after every prescription purchase, adding a unique advantage to your health expenditures. This isn't just about saving money; it's about earning digital assets, adding a new level of value to your prescription transactions.
Where does the NiHowdy prescription discount program work?
NiHowdy boasts a widespread network of pharmacies and retail outlets across the nation. Notable partners include big names like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Publix, and countless others. These establishments, approximately 35,000 in number, have collaborated with NiHowdy to provide you with more affordable prescription pricing.
Locating a participating pharmacy near you is a breeze. Simply head over to and enter your zip code, or give our member support line a ring at 800-999-3053. With NiHowdy, affordable prescriptions and Bitcoin rewards are just a zip code away!
Who can use NiHowdy?
The NiHowdy program is available to individuals residing in the United States, including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other US Territories.
Can the card be used multiple times?
Feel free to use your NiHowdy card as often as you need - it comes with no limit on usage. Remember, every time you use your card, not only are you saving on prescriptions, but you're also earning Bitcoin rewards. Using the card is essential for us to know who to credit these valuable Bitcoin rewards to. Keep swiping, keep saving, and keep earning with NiHowdy!
Can I share the card with family and friends?
While the NiHowdy card can be shared with family and friends for prescription discounts, it's important to note that only the registered account holder will be eligible to receive the Bitcoin rewards. This ensures that your generous sharing doesn't compromise your exclusive earning benefits.
How much do consumers save with the NiHowdy prescription discount program?
The savings you realize with NiHowdy are dynamic, varying based on factors such as the selected pharmacy and the specific medication. As these factors can fluctuate, so too can your savings. To navigate this, we've designed a handy pricing tool available on and in the NiHowdy mobile app. It enables you to seek out the best prescription prices in your locality with the input of your zip code.
Even more advantageous, if you find your pharmacy's price to be lower than NiHowdy's discounted rate, you're free to take advantage of the lower cost. On average, our users are experiencing a substantial $35 reduction off retail prices per eligible prescription.
But the benefits don't stop at savings. Every time you use your NiHowdy card, you're not only cutting costs but also accruing free Bitcoin rewards. That's right, with NiHowdy, you can lower your healthcare expenses while building up your digital wealth! Embrace this golden opportunity to save and earn at the same time.
Does the card expire?
No, the NiHowdy discount card does not expire.
Is the NiHowdy prescription discount program really free? Are there any fees associated with using this card?
Enjoy NiHowdy's Prescription Discount Program at absolutely no cost. With ZERO membership fees, sign-up charges or eligibility prerequisites, it's a savings opportunity open to all. Moreover, the Bitcoin rewards you earn are free too! While you may encounter minimal transaction fees when withdrawing your Bitcoin rewards, the earnings themselves are a free bonus to appreciate as you save on your prescriptions.
If I have insurance and/or Medicare, can I still use the NiHowdy card?
Certainly! The NiHowdy Prescription Discount Program is not only accessible to Medicare enrollees and insured individuals but also provides an exciting opportunity to earn free Bitcoin.
Here's how it can serve you:
  • There are instances when NiHowdy's prices undercut your usual co-pays, leading to savings and free Bitcoin rewards.
  • At times, your insurance might not cover a specific drug. NiHowdy steps in here, offering discounts and an opportunity to earn Bitcoin.
  • If high deductibles make a certain medication out of reach, NiHowdy can help reduce the cost while topping up your digital wallet with Bitcoin.
  • However, it's crucial to note that choosing the NiHowdy price won't count towards your deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, or the Medicare "donut hole" because you're using the NiHowdy program instead of your insurance or Medicare. But, while you might not be chipping away at these costs, you're certainly adding to your Bitcoin stash with every purchase. With NiHowdy, it's not just about savings; it's about earning free Bitcoin too!
    Can the NiHowdy prescription discount program be used together with insurance and/or Medicare?
    While the NiHowdy card provides significant discounts on prescriptions, it's essential to understand that it operates as an alternative to insurance or Medicare, not in conjunction with them. Thus, NiHowdy's discounted rates can't be combined with insurance or Medicare benefits. This card serves as a standalone savings option, ensuring you still save on prescriptions while earning free Bitcoin, regardless of insurance coverage.
    Do NiHowdy purchases count towards my insurance deductible or Medicare Out-of-Pocket Maximums or the coverage gap ("donut hole")?
    Please note, if you choose to use the NiHowdy card as an alternative to insurance or Medicare, the payments made for your prescriptions won't contribute towards your insurance or Medicare deductible, nor will they reduce any out-of-pocket maximums. The NiHowdy card operates independently, offering its own set of savings and free Bitcoin rewards.
    Can a Health Savings Account (HSA) be used to purchase prescriptions?
    Absolutely! If you're an owner of a Health Savings Account (HSA) and your prescription qualifies for HSA fund usage, you certainly can tap into your HSA to make purchases using the NiHowdy card. This allows you to enjoy NiHowdy's prescription discounts while using your pre-tax HSA dollars.
    Does the card work on pet prescriptions?
    At NiHowdy, we truly comprehend the significance of pets as integral members of the family, right alongside parents and children. Here's the exciting part: by using the same NiHowdy card for their own prescriptions, cardholders can not only save money on their furry friends' prescriptions but also earn Bitcoin rewards! All you need to do is have your veterinarian prescribe the medication and take the prescription to the pharmacist. Not only will you enjoy cost savings, but you'll also be rewarded with Bitcoin, making it a win-win situation for you and your beloved pet.
    Is the NiHowdy prescription discount program Insurance?
    Please note that the NiHowdy prescription discount program should not be mistaken for insurance. It is important to understand that the NiHowdy prescription discount program does not meet the requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act's coverage mandate.
    How does the NiHowdy prescription discount program work?
    What truly sets NiHowdy apart in the industry is our unparalleled offering of free Bitcoin rewards. Unlike any other company, we provide our customers with the exclusive opportunity to earn digital rewards without any cost involved. Participating in the NiHowdy prescription discount program not only grants you access to our carefully negotiated low prescription prices but also opens the door for you to receive complimentary Bitcoin rewards. This exceptional feature distinguishes us from the competition and showcases our unwavering commitment to reward our esteemed customers in extraordinary ways. No other company in the industry offers such innovative and free digital rewards to its valued customers.
    Is my privacy protected?
    At NiHowdy, we prioritize the utmost protection of data and privacy for our extensive membership base. To achieve this, we have implemented stringent data privacy policies. Rest assured that the NiHowdy program does not store or engage in the sale of personalized user data to any third parties. Your information is kept confidential and safeguarded, reflecting our commitment to maintaining your privacy.
    Are NiHowdy’s listed prices guaranteed?
    In most cases, the prices listed on closely align with the prices you'll encounter at the pharmacy. We strive to ensure accuracy and consistency. However, occasional variances can arise due to the availability of specific drugs at the local level. For instance, a pharmacy may substitute your prescribed medication with an equivalent alternative manufactured by a different company, resulting in a price difference.
    To determine and provide the most commonly used drug prices, we rely on extensive research from multiple sources. While we make every effort to offer accurate pricing information, we cannot guarantee an exact match between the displayed price and the one you receive at the pharmacy.
    For precise pricing details on a prescription, we recommend contacting your pharmacy directly and supplying them with the BIN/GRP/PCN numbers indicated on your NiHowdy card. On another note, our Bitcoin rewards program remains free for our valued customers. However, it's important to note that the value of Bitcoin can vary due to the dynamic nature of the free market spot price.
    Are my prescriptions discounted with NiHowdy?
    NiHowdy offers substantial savings compared to a pharmacy's retail price on a diverse range of prescriptions prescribed by your doctor. With over 10,000 covered prescriptions, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions. To discover the precise price you'll pay, simply visit and search for your specific medications. Don't forget to utilize filters for pill quantity, count, and differentiation between brand name and generic options.
    Additionally, as a special bonus, participating in NiHowdy's prescription discount program also grants you the opportunity to earn free Bitcoin rewards. It's our way of enhancing your savings experience and providing additional value beyond traditional discounts. So not only can you enjoy significant cost savings on your prescriptions, but you can also benefit from the exciting world of Bitcoin rewards, all at no extra cost to you.
    How does NiHowdy set prescription medication prices?
    NiHowdy collaborates with its trusted pharmacy partners to negotiate affordable prices exclusively for our users. We continuously assess consumer demand for medications and make pricing adjustments on a monthly basis. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, we recommend visiting to check the current prices before purchasing your prescriptions. This way, you can make informed decisions and take advantage of the best available pricing options.
    Are over the counter medications covered?
    Please note that NiHowdy prescription discounts are exclusively applicable to prescription medications. While certain over-the-counter drugs, like ibuprofen, may have stronger forms that require a prescription, it's important to understand that the coverage extends only to those prescribed versions. If your healthcare provider prescribes a stronger form of an over-the-counter drug, it may be eligible for coverage under the NiHowdy prescription discount program.